4 Reasons Why It’s Never Good To Ignore Foundation Problems

One of the first things many homeowners or commercial business owners say after they’ve finally called in an expert to fix their foundation problems is, “I wish I had done something about this sooner.”

Having someone come take a look at what were a few tiny cracks in the sheetrock a year ago just wasn’t on their mind at the time. It wasn’t a priority, because they were thinking about more pressing fixes like that busted garbage disposal or pesky roof leak from the last hailstorm. A seemingly harmless cosmetic issue could be ignored for a little bit, right?

Well, not necessarily. While a foundation repair specialist could end up saying you don’t have foundation problems, the visit isn’t a waste of time and is better than the alternative. Even the smallest crack should be taken seriously.

At RS Foundations in Lewisville, Texas, we have wrestled with every foundation repair job imaginable and are just as much interested in educating our clients about the role they play in protecting the wellbeing of their property as we are in making sure we provide the best foundation repair services in North Texas. Any warning signs of foundation problems should be looked at immediately. Here are four reasons why it’s never good to ignore foundation problems:

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Those small cracks will keep getting worse

Your house is constantly moving up and down as the seasons change, so not only will those small cracks get bigger, they could also multiply – making the entire structure weaker over time and driving up the cost of repairs. Not to mention, when repairing the foundation, these cracks can close up, but it is also possible for new ones to appear. This is because you are correcting years of settlement in a short period of time. 

Plumbing lines can be affected

Most foundation problems do not lead to plumbing issues, but the more the foundation settles, the more stress is put on the mechanical lines. This leads to leaks due to busted pipes and other more serious repairs. During the repair process, our team takes all the precautions to limit damage to these lines, though we cannot be responsible if they become damaged during the corrective process. We recommend a post-plumbing test be performed to check the status of the system.

Think of all the other expensive repairs

Not only can fixing your plumbing be expensive, but you also have to think about the costs associated with replacing your flooring or tile, door frames and sheetrock, rotted wood that can be associated with foundation repairs in pier and beam properties, and even landscaping that was ruined along the way.

Your property value takes a hit

Any home or commercial building that has had serious foundation issues, even if they’ve been repaired permanently, will not only lose value but could be more difficult to sell. Buyers naturally shy away from inheriting your mistakes, which will cost you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

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