How to Know if Your Home’s Foundation Can Be Saved

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The foundation of a home is its backbone, the very structure that holds everything together. At RS Foundations in Fort Worth, TX, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of a robust foundation and the devastating effects when it’s compromised. With our vast experience in foundation repair, we’ve become the trusted foundation repair contractor in Fort Worth. Recognizing the Warning Signs Every … Read More

How Much Does Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Cost in Texas?

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The foundation beneath each structure plays a pivotal role in the heart of Texas, where the soil dances to its own rhythm and homes stand as a testament to architectural resilience. Pier and beam foundations have long been favored among the various foundation types for their adaptability and robustness. However, like all things, they aren’t immune to wear and tear. … Read More

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Texas?

How Much is Foundation Repair in Texas

Average Foundation Repair Costs in Texas While the average foundation repair cost can vary, homeowners in Texas can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for minor repairs to $25,000 or more for extensive structural damage. Here’s a general breakdown: Foundation Cracks and Damage: Foundation cracks are more than just an aesthetic issue; they can signal serious problems … Read More

What is the Best Foundation Repair Method?


Understanding Foundation Problems Every homeowner in Fort Worth dreads the thought of foundation problems. These issues, if left unchecked, can lead to significant structural damage and costly repairs. But what is the best foundation repair method? At RS Foundation Repair, we’ve spent years perfecting our techniques, ensuring that every home’s foundation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area remains as sturdy as … Read More

What You Need To Know About Buying a Property With Foundation Issues

Structural problems are every potential home buyer’s nightmare. “Foundation problems”, in particular, are two words enough to cause panic amongst most potential buyers. After all, no buyer looks to buy a house whose structural integrity has been compromised. Buying a home with structural issues poses several risks. For one, what if it doesn’t get fixed? What if there are more … Read More

6 Telltale Warning Signs That Your Home Has Foundation Problems

You’ve heard those dreaded words, “foundation problems” before and maybe even listened to a frazzled coworker talk about all the work it’s going to take to fix their home. But you have yet to experience it for yourself with your own property. “It was like my house was slowly crumbling before my eyes,” your coworker said. “I wish I did … Read More

4 Reasons Why It’s Never Good To Ignore Foundation Problems

One of the first things many homeowners or commercial business owners say after they’ve finally called in an expert to fix their foundation problems is, “I wish I had done something about this sooner.” Having someone come take a look at what were a few tiny cracks in the sheetrock a year ago just wasn’t on their mind at the … Read More